with a frenchie in mind

December 3, 2008

first things first, every morning. the most crucial: coffee brewing. then the other firsts of the day – cats fed, teeth brushed, maya on the potty, curtains opened (fog swirling through the yard this december morning, dreamy), heater blasting, computer turned on so i can read emails the moment a cup of coffee is in hand. all this before 7.15am while lucybean is still snoring from the end of my bed.

today’s emails were mostly spam-ish. but in the midst of them, like a tiny, twinkly star, was a little something from ruth… you know, international-girl-of-mystery ruth, the one who is rowing on the seine, capturing in photographs the open french sky in her many moods, jumping on a train with hubby for a weekend in paris. oh yes, that ruth, the one we all miss and envy.

she wrote to say she loved the blog. visited it every day. in other words: it’s been six days; buck up and fly straight and get another damn post up. now this may be my newly-inflated sense of blogificance, but could someone out there actually be waiting for more words and pictures? of course, ruth is homesick and missing all of us, the girls who lift her and listen to her and lovebomb her whenever possible and/or necessary. still, i felt like i was about to win an oscar. Very Important, capital V, capital I. i have a squeaky, new voice to add to the deafening roar of bloggers out there, sane and otherwise.

publishing last week’s first post was bliss, truth be told. though just some tidbits of thought meant for friends, the reality of starting to write about and document this perfect and crazy life of mine openly, for all to read, felt empowering and freeing. jumping in to the virtual swirl that is blogging and inter/net-working feels absolutely different than i imagined. the possibility of connection on this enormous scale leaves me filled with elation and hope. i didn’t know that until committing, well… words to screen.

i have been a work-horse for so many years, created a lot on so many different levels. being here is like building an exhibit space, a gallery people will come to visit as i find things to show and to share. there are amazing people doing beautiful, heartfelt work, and they are right here at our finger tips. maybe i will call a few of them friends someday. maybe something i do will resonate with them and they will reach out. maybe they’ll fall in love with something. or maybe i will.

either way frenchie, thanks for the nudge. please keep them coming.



One Response to “with a frenchie in mind”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Oh wow…I definitely need a cigarrette…anyone got a light? Oh thank you for posting it. I read it too fast. I’ll have to go back …the fog swirling in your yard..I love that…lucybean…and and..I miss my friends,yes, but I’d still be itching to read you even if I were a block away.Thank you. I feel so satisfied right now. Seriously,(said with a ‘do you dare me?’ voice), I could smoke at my table with loads of frenchies walking by and nobody would even judge me. : )
    the comment…Yes, yes, I have a comment. Your gallery, I love it. And it is, indeed, a hopeful historic time to get our creative juices moving, especially in the way of dialogue. It’s fantastic. Just look at how Mr. President elect reached out to a world community through the internet. The time is ripe for dialogue and why not this venue? I love the street your gallery is on. I’ll come to every show.
    As long as we (humanity)connect our eyes to each other, in person, to get the oxytocin and the dopamine flowing,those hormones that keep us physically and humanely connected, more than we stare at our boxy screens, I think we’re in business. Thank you fortydeluxe. Keep the doors open! And what about the hair?! When do I get to see the hair.

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