July 16, 2009

i am swamped. two jobs. a kidlet on summer vacation. looking for a new house. not to mention the pile(s) of things i want to do but can’t find time to do, like, um, my work as a painter, the three children’s books i have yet to send out, the furniture that needs refinishing, the yoga classes i am not attending. the list goes on and on. oh, and did i mention that i have a business? oh yes, that.

plus that other mentionable, fortydeluxe, The Blog. there is so much going on i can’t seem to articulate any of it. maybe when the new dust settles, i will have some minutes to figure out what All Of This That Is Happening is about. but for now i am simply hanging on with my two full hands to this ride that is, so far, summer 2009.

So in lieu of any new marvels or fabulous insights, i am stealing a page from the (face)book, and posting a list of factoids two friends demanded i do. for those of you who have seen it, sorry for the redundancy. for those of you who haven’t, try not to fall asleep.

1. i have avoided doing this task since chere ruthie en rouen sent it to me last fall. the only reason i am doing it now is because danny said i have to. but i still think this exercise in narcissism is so very moi moi moi blah blah blah. that being said,

2. my favorite smells are coffee brewing in the morning, fresh lavender, early grey tea steeping, and the nape of maya’s neck. for that matter, the nape of anyone’s neck whom i love.

3. my second language is dutch.

4. i am a very good mom. i tell maya that all the time. mostly she laughs that water-over-pebbles laugh, but sometimes she glares at me and says ‘well i am a very good kid’. right now that isn’t really true, but i love her with my deepest heart and soul.

5. if money were no object, and i therefore had unlimited time and resource, i would open a city-block-big shelter for dogs to be rescued and rehabilitated. and i would smooch repeatedly on the heads of each and every one of them.

6. if i could have dinner and a bottle of wine with anyone, it would be ee cummings. his poetry pulls the breath out of my body and then blows it back in, with sparkles.

7. a moment of decadence for me involves my couch, the perfect book, and french press coffee + hot milk. if chocolate needs to be involved that is okay, too.

8. i hold more women in high regard than i do men. the loveliest thing about that is that these are the women in my life. that being said, i would very much liked to have been friends with imogen cunningham and audrey hepburn.

9. i think i am very horsey. i begged my parents when i was in eighth grade to let me go to a private high school so i could have horse-back riding for phys ed. they said no, so i lived in holland for a year instead. i didn’t get to ride any horses there either.

10. i have an affinity for many things ‘c’. chairs, cups, and coats. my friend stephen and i had an epiphany several years ago on a long distance call that these things involve wrapping, much like the shape of the letter c itself. we wrap our hands around cups; we sit in a chair and it embraces us, we pull coats around our bodies to warm us. our second epiphany that day was that this probably wouldn’t make sense to anyone but us.

11. back to the horse thing. my fantasy life is that of a cowgirl. on a ranch.

12. more fantasy: if i could live any contemporary novel, it would be the time traveler’s wife. if i were terribly brave, i would sing back up in a band.

13. the person who makes me feel safest in the world is my sister loreen.

14. i move through this world trying to see everyone. the person bagging my groceries, the old man crossing the street in front of my car, the nanny taking care of someone else’s kids. every single positive action that every single person does is beautiful and significant. i love that waiters in france have deep pride in their work.

15. i overheard my grandpa in iowa tell my father when i was ten years old that i was beautiful, and it changed my life. this after getting notes in my desk in fourth grade that said ALBINO! at a time when marsha brady was the It Girl.

16. one of the sweetest things is when someone comes to my house and a) is comfortable enough to dig around in my fridge and b) doesn’t want to leave.

17. i rearrange my furniture constantly. the best time is on saturdays when there is still some coffee in the pot and an old movie on tv. once i do it – and it can take hours of critical thinking and measuring in this little house – everything feels fresh and cozy. i love cozy.

18. i have three websites and a blog site. and i dare to despise narcissism! how ridiculous of me. but really it has more to do with being a type-a workaholic.

19. i think one of the loveliest parts of a woman’s body is the ankle, and the most beautiful part of a man is where the forearm meets the wrist. that and his sense of humor.

20. i have a thing for vintage jewelry and old cars. i’ve had a little bit of both.

21. i get lost when i paint, when i write, and when i dig around and garden in the yard. there is something about using my hands, especially when in soil, that takes me to a quiet, beautifully absent place. it’s meditative, church-like.

22. i am not drawn to money as a means of status. people and their trophies bore me. i am unbearably drawn to people with money who do something good and kind and humane with their resources. benevolence is sexy.

23. i like small houses. would never want a big one. i believe big spaces belong in nature.

24. if i could do one thing besides speak fluent italian, it would be to play the violin. i really, really want to fiddle like they do in the irish bands.

25. most of you definitely know this one, but it is worth repeating. i am a really good dancer.


One Response to “inter/face(book)”

  1. Gail Simmons Says:

    Thanks for this one KL, made me smile ALOT!!!
    Didn’t know that you are really a good dancer? I want a video.

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