February 26, 2010

pictures say a lot. sometimes a lot more than what i like to call the bla bla bla moi moi moi of all these paragraphs by all these women on all these blogsites. you know of what i speak – the many faceted, narcissistic and verbal meanderings of The Blogger. she sure is a chatty one, isn’t she?

so i am doing some snapshots. here are a few from the month of february, the wee month that always goes so fast. there will be more, i’m sure. because i love pictures – my own and those of my friends and family and complete strangers that i mostly stumble upon online. it is a window in, however cliche. and having just spit-shined my own and pulled the curtains to greet the pre-spring sunshine, i thought you all may like to take a peek. if it is all too indulgent, feel free to pull your own drapes shut.

tyler the fish


my sassy new belt

my sassy kid

night with junebug

beat up toes

twinkle toes

for a favorite friend

lucy's dream spot

lucy's dream

this really happened. really!

exhausted, determined me.

gorgeous she


6 Responses to “snapshots.”

  1. Melly Bel Says:

    I think you are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Inside and out. xoxo

  2. gail simmons Says:

    love the photos of tyler and lucy, love the boots, LOVE the determined and gorgeous girls!!!!!
    congrats on ONE YEAR of love forty! now get some much needed rest!!!!!.
    aloha nui loa,

  3. inger Says:

    Lovely, lovely faraway Kerri and Maya.

  4. Rene Rosso Says:

    The knife says it all.

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