love, everywhere.

May 23, 2010

i love love. not as in i love love you. or i love love a rainy day. rather, like this: i love, love. or, i LOVE love.

i love wine. in a cozy restaurant, or on my couch, with my feet pulled under my legs, swishing it around in an over-sized glass. i love it with my mom, because it means it is quiet, and we are across from each other, girl talking, something we don’t get to do much. i love how it warms the throat and the tummy. along those lines, i really love tequila. but that’s a nastier love, for a grittier blog on a grittier day. and i love it with friends – tamela jo comes to mind – and with dinner on the hot nights and the cool ones. i love it with tina because it is always the perfect bottle and it means she is in town for the weekend from santa barbara. i love it with edric at his house or mine when the day is over and the shoes are kicked off and we are prepping for tv, another rarity in my life, and one i admit i like so much.

i love road trips. especially with my sister. she lets me stop for coffee whenever necessary (the grandest indulgence… have i mentioned yet how much i love coffee?), and though she forces me to listen to country music (most of which i do not love), everything else is perfect. perfectly so. i laugh really hard with her, and often. i drop everything, in a way i don’t with anyone else. i sleep. i read. i am a little sister, and it is delicious.

i love my kid. the gorgeous one with the green eyes and the wicked wit and more currently wicked temper. she is driving me absolutely crazy with her extreme sass and irascibility at the moment, and yet, i love her so. amazing! but i can’t help it. her cheeks still have that warm, sugar-cookie smell of little-hood, she walks as though there is a book on her head with her perfect posture, and her kisses and crashing neck hugs rival all else in this world that brings happiness. god you must all be so sick of hearing it! but this pull from the gut, the biological vortex of being a mom and knowing you would do anything to protect your child, give her anything to learn and thrive and grow, this love in its enormity, simply surrounds me and softens me and every once in a while i have to scream it to the world. or, at the least, to the blog.

summer is coming, the end of school is weeks away and light lingers later and later in the evenings as time passes. the roses and lilies are blooming, the crepe myrtle is full of green leaves and loquats are hanging heavy from the branches in our front yard. the jacaranda trees that are everywhere in long beach are blanketed with tiny purple flowers, a sure sign here that spring will soon turn to summer. it is all so lovely, it is all so… love. and the signs are everywhere: a gesture, a kiss on the neck, a card in the mail i couldn’t have anticipated. an unexpected look, or touch, or thought, all of them landing practically in my lap and me thinking, how can so much come my way and then realizing, oh yes, i asked for it, i keep asking for it.

though there are tough things as well, knock-you-down tough things that can overwhelm in moments, the rough spots wilt more readily in the face of sweetness than i imagined. and those signs that abound, the ones felt, experienced and seen, well… i put my trust there, and my energy, and my faith that the rhythm of the world is intact as long as i keep seeing proof of such goodness. i speak to that part of the world and it keeps speaking back. just look how it speaks back. and while you’re looking, it might mean something to know all these signs of love showed up over the last six days. love, everywhere.

tree love.

frosting love.

chetlace love. maya found it like this.

japanese cracker love.

orchid love.

pancake love.

radish seedling love.

kid love.



One Response to “love, everywhere.”

  1. Teddi Baer Fletcher Says:

    Once again I am moved to tears of joy, and love by your words……………………


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