february so far (lots of news).

February 16, 2011


new old fan.


february sky.


new wall {love}.


wall left.


wall right.


new shade in the kitchen.


new thrift shop find. vintage vittorio's. be still my beating heart.


this week's yellow.


new pink pedi.


maya's love cup.


{two} new reasons to go on a fancy date.


vintage huffy. the christmas surprise that made me cry.


9 Responses to “february so far (lots of news).”

  1. gail simmons Says:

    What a February delight! What great BOOTS and BIKE!
    What a great girl!!!
    So sorry to have missed your call KL.
    Love to you,

  2. Jim Says:

    Takes the combo of vintage Vittorio’s, shiny happy pedicure and seductively classy high heels to properly break a vintage Huffy freshly in from the wilds.
    Go Girl….not exactly Cowgirl: Huffygirl?

    I remain,
    Your new old fan.

  3. lisa Says:

    love those boots! and new wall and new shade. very nice indeed.
    miss you!

  4. javier Says:

    you are a very talented photographer and have a beautiful taste. I love and miss you.

    • fortydeluxe Says:

      javier, did you notice the blue love chairs?! they star in so many photographs! how many years ago was it that you made them for me…? and happy thirtieth anniversary! i think it was that many years ago that we zoomed around on your motorbike, and you were so mad at me i didn’t have a jacket. loving you! wondering how it all is, and when we will talk again. xo

  5. Juds Says:

    Who is the new old friend jim~!!?? I love your talent………

  6. tara Says:

    given those boots and that bike, i’m pretty sure we’re meant to be friends.

  7. amy Says:

    love every bit of this. yum! life looks delish! xo

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