designer, yogahead, coffee drinker, mom to gorgeous maya, and molly & piper the tiny dogs. i am smitten with words and language and imagery and objects and the utter coziness of a perfectly cozy space. i am 49 and overwhelmed, charmed, and aghast with this decade that is my forties. so i write and write and then i write some more. if it all seems like a bit much please don’t feel obligated to stay.

though your visit was delightful.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Gail Simmons Says:

    Well, I am well out of my 40’s but have never looked back. (It get’s even better after 50).
    KERRI-LYNNE MENARD!!! So good to SEE you and to be hooked into your BLOGIE BLOG!
    All is well with Pieter and I in Hawaii and I will stay in touch.
    Aloha nui loa,
    Your long lost pal,
    Gail Ann

  2. Ruth Says:

    It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. I love it. I love your view and witnessing it. Fantastic.

  3. June Says:

    I can smell the eucalyptus. My favorite time of year too. Feeling homesick for the weather and a cup of coffee and inspirational chat with you. Glad to be able to connect with your thought and spirit on this blog. Keep up the good wisdom! Love – June

  4. Rene Says:

    Ping! Just like that!

  5. Teddi Says:

    Are you just going to leave us hanging like this???
    I need more blogging!
    I love to read you!!

    hurry and write more!
    luv you cuz

  6. Gail Simmons Says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful gift of your last letter. Stunning writing! Makes me wish to visit that precious evening at your house one of these years.
    Mele Kalikimaka,

  7. Nicole Says:

    this is a fabulous blog! thank you so much for sharing this piece of you!

  8. Juds Says:

    Kerri, those words were beautiful. Where do they come from~!? hugs

  9. jonathan malkin Says:

    Thought about you the other day. Hope all is well with you and your daughter (and the dog and i think a fish as well)

  10. tara Says:

    i just found you through Tracey and the “tea” mug — i totally need to hunt for one of my own!

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